“No one judges you and they do the best they can to make you comfortable”

I have been going to Kratos almost from the beginning. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere. No one judges you and they do the best they can to make you comfortable plus giving you the best possible program for your level. Since opening, they have added many classes and new teachers. Most gyms when they expand lose their friendliness with everyone but I have not seen Kratos miss a step. They are the same now and as they were a year ago except now they have expanded and are always changing up to keep everyone on their toes. Check it out and you too, will love it! “



This gorgeous gal is down 50lbs (and counting) whoop whoop!!


way to go susan!

Sometimes when you see someone several times a week for several months, it takes looking back to realize just how much change has actually happened. This was one of those times! Super proud of you Susan for all of the hard work you've put in this past year! Your consistent (mostly 😜) clean eating coupled with a good mix of hiit, cardio, and strength training has resulted in a drop of 56 lbs and more than a 10% decrease in body fat percentage! Way to go and what a transformation!


“I have yet to finish a session that i didn’t genuinely and completely enjoy”

“I am so incredibly grateful for my trainer, Brian. We are going on six months of 2/week training sessions and I have yet to finish a session that I didn’t genuinely and completely enjoy. He has been excellent about adapting exercises, knowing when to push and how to motivate me beyond my self-imposed limits. My range of motion in the shoulders has increased dramatically, my lower back / sciatica has not hurt, and my cardio endurance and overall strength have vastly improved. I am Type II diabetic and have already seen a drop in my A1C and meds. My hope is to be off all meds by my 50th birthday!”



Mary and Jimmy showing us that it's never too late to get in shape and have a great time getting there!


way to go john!

His goal was to lose 50lbs by his birthday. He hit that goal, passed it losing 61 lbs and then he kept going. Results like this make the early mornings and late evenings worth it! Same lighting, same location, ⬇⬇ shirt size, and 120lbs less body weight! I'm continually blown away each time we step on the scale.