BARRE SYNTHESIS - A low impact workout designed to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body. Breaking down and combining the best of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga. This is a combo sure to grow those little muscles you didn’t even know existed!

BARRE PULSE – Pulse. It. Out! Barre designed to get your heart pumping not just because of the great workout but also the great jams! Embrace and define those curves through high rep movements to sculpt while increasing endurance.

BARRE ELEVATED! Louder music, faster movements, & more challenges with a focus on strength building. BARRE ELEVATED adds even more fun to the mix by elevating Barre to the next level! Enjoy this advanced Barre class with some lit jams to keep you energized from first Plie to final Releve.

BARRE FLOW - Enjoy this combo class of cardio-based Barre to strengthen and tone followed by a Vinyasa flow designed to strengthen and stretch.